Closing U-26c board- freestanding

Product characteristics

  • steel structure with profiles
  • 2 generation reflective foil
  • 22 pcs MO100 lamps (2200cd, L8H EN12352)
  • 2 pcs MO300 lamps (over 8000cd, L9M EN12352)
  • manual lifting of the upper part of the board
  • manual adjustment of the C9 / C10 mark
  • 2 pcs gas springs to aid lifting
  • The dimensions of the board 1700x 2500mm (according to the technical conditions for signs and traffic signals DZ.U.220 of December 23, 2003).

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Product Description

The U26c closing boar is used, during works on voivodeship, poviat and commune roads.

Dimensions of the table:

1700x 2500mm (according to the regulation: according to technical conditions for road signs and signals DZ.U.220 of December 23, 2003)


made of galvanized steel profiles, aluminum sheet covered with second generation foil


C9 / C10 with manual adjustment of the arrow


22 lamps with a diameter of 100mm, and 2 lamps with a diameter of 300mm


on the cable

warning lights:

The light warning and signaling device has all the certifications in the scope of:
- light - L2H class
- effective time - Class O1
-the intensity of the emitted light - Class F3

We can make a closing board for trailer or free-standing mounting.


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