From begining of our activity our company still provide new products on the market, that are tested in notified test labs in Poland and EU.

All warning lamps got required homologations like EKG ONZ R65 and R10. Signal road lamps got certificates of constancy of performance according EN12352 standard while trailer truck attenuator that we produce got EU vehicle type approval certificate in accordance with Regulation (EU) 218/858 and certificate of positive crash tests according CEN/TS 16786:2018 standard.

Moreover we have several other certificates like:

- IP resistant certificates

- Overload 5G and 10G for led lamps

- Magnet bracket speed approval

- Acustic tests certifiate for speakers.

- much others.


All 4 institutes make In Strobos company audits of quality controlls to keep production on good level. In this moment Strobos got over 100 pcs of approval and keep working for a new.

There are reach and development stand in company where we use our own goniophotometer and EMC equipment for production controls and quality improvments.