1. The following terms in these Guarantee Conditions shall have the following meaning:
a) "Warranty" means the rights and obligations arising from these Warranty Conditions,
b) "Warranty Card" means a document containing these Warranty Conditions;
(c) "Device" means the device whose name and model are specified in the content;
d) "Producer" means Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe STROBOS Mateusz Krzyżoś with its registered office in Trzebinia, address: ul. Armii Krajowej 4, 32-540 Trzebinia, NIP: 6282234981, REGON: 121338751 granting this Warranty, which sold the Device with the name and model specified in the Warranty Card;
e) "Buyer" means the person entitled to exercise the rights under the Warranty;

2. The manufacturer grants the Buyer a warranty for the Device for a period of 4 years (48 months), 2 years (24 months) from the date of sale specified in the Warranty Card.
3. The Manufacturer is obliged, subject to the conditions set out below, at its discretion, to return the price paid, remove physical defects of the Device or deliver the Device free from defects, if these defects are revealed within the warranty period.
4. The liability under the warranty covers only defects caused by causes inherent in the Devices, and does not include in particular:
a) external mechanical damage,
b) damage resulting from improper assembly, installation of the Device and damage resulting from defects in the vehicle on which the Device is installed;
c) damage caused by such events as: lightning strikes, fire, flooding or other uncontrolled phenomena independent of the Manufacturer; temporary appearance of traces of water / steam inside the Device; lamp lens material wear (fading); damage resulting from the use of lamps with magnetic holders; damage to elements delivered free of charge with the Device, such as switches, electric cubes, handles, damage to the Device caused by using it in a manner inconsistent with its intended use; damage to the Device caused by installation or installation carried out by persons who do not have the required authorizations or not conforming to the user's manual, modifications or structural changes to the Device made by persons other than the Manufacturer.

5. The Manufacturer does not bear the costs of disassembling and assembling the Device from the vehicle in order to be sent for repair, the Manufacturer also does not bear the costs of sending the device to the service center and does not guarantee a replacement device for the duration of the repair.
6. The Buyer is obliged to immediately notify the Manufacturer of the defect of the Device noticed upon receipt and the lack of a document confirming the purchase, upon receipt of the shipment.
7. The warranty does not give the Buyer the right to claim a refund of lost profits related to the damage to the device.
8. The manufacturer does not run an away service.
9. The condition for the Producer to exercise the warranty rights is:
a) informing the Producer about the defect, damage immediately after its detection,
b) within 5 days from the disclosure of the defect, the Buyer is obliged to submit a complaint containing a description of the defect / damage, the date of its disclosure and the method of using the Device.
c) attaching a photocopy of the invoice / receipt to the complaint application
d) delivery of the device at the Buyer's expense to the Manufacturer's seat.

10. Complaint applications as well as other complaint letters should be delivered by the Buyer to the Manufacturer's address or another to the Manufacturer's e-mail address.
11. The manufacturer will provide a written / telephone / e-mail response to the complaint within 14 days from the date of maintenance of the Device, along with a correct complaint application.
12. If the warranty is taken into account, the Manufacturer will proceed to fulfill its obligations under the Warranty.
13. If the warranty is taken into account, the Manufacturer, in accordance with point 3, will refund the price for the device, if the Manufacturer deems that the removal of physical defects of the Device or delivery of the Device free of defects is impossible. The refund is associated with the return of the defective Device to the Manufacturer.
14. The Buyer is obliged to check the efficiency of the Device before installing it.
15. Due to the granted guarantee, the producer's liability under the warranty for defects of the device is excluded.
16. The right to the guarantee is lost with the commencement of the bailiff proceedings in connection with the arrears resulting from the sales document.


1. Upon receipt of the goods, the Buyer is obliged to check the condition and contents of the shipment in the presence of the carrier. In the event of non-compliance, damage to the device or lack of ordered products, a damage report should be prepared in the presence of the courier. A copy of the protocol should be sent to
2. All products subject to return must be properly secured by the Buyer for the time of return transport.
3. All returns can be made after prior notification of this fact to the P.P.H. Strobos.
4. Returns sent at the expense of the Seller will not be accepted and will be returned at the expense of the Buyer.
5. Complaints about shortages in the delivery should be reported on the day of receipt of the shipment to the following e-mail address:, along with attached photos of the shipment.
6. Complaints about errors in the assortment in the delivery should be reported on the day of receipt of the shipment to the e-mail address:, together with photos of the shipment.
7. In the case of returning the goods, the Buyer sends it back to the following address: P.P.H STROBOS ul. Armii Krajowej 4, 32-540 Trzebinia at his own expense.