Warning trailer U26c

Product characteristics

  • steel structure with closed profiles    
  • 2nd generation reflective film with 10 years of durability   
  • 22 LED lamps 100mm, light class: L8H, each 2200cd    
  • 2 LED lamps 335mm, light class: L9M, each over 8000cd    
  • steel battery box     
  • manual lifting of the upper part of warning board     
  • 2 gas springs to aid lifting     
  • lamps are certified for road use     
  • CARRO one-axle trailer   
  • dimensions of the cargo space: 220cm x 130cm

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Product Description

The U26c closing boar is used, during works on voivodeship, poviat and commune roads.

Dimensions of the table:

1700x 2500mm (according to the regulation: according to technical conditions for road signs and signals DZ.U.220 of December 23, 2003)

manual lifting of the upper part and adjustment of the C9 / C10 mark

2 gas springs to aid lifting

22pcs MO100 lamps and 2pcs MO300 lamps

Dimensions of the trailer:

- dimensions of the cargo space: 220cm x 130cm

- DMC: 500kg

- 1 steering axles - KNOTT companies

- reinforced hook

- 13 inch wheels

- European homologation - supplier of CARRO trailers.

- steel battery box

- 2 rear supports

Set includes remote control!


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