Flashing Arrow 15MS, lifted

Product characteristics

  • aluminium construction
  • LINAK electric actuator
  • flash mode: arrow left, arrow right, cross, pulsators (MO300)
  • 15 pcs- MO202 (2200cd, L8H EN12352)
  • 12V
  • warranty: 36 months!
  • switch box in set

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Product Description

The aluminum construction provides lightweight construction, the whole product weighs about 35kg.

The 15MS arrow consists of:

15 MO202 lamps with 2220 cd power.

The light warning and signaling device has all the certifications in the scope of:
- light - L8H class
- effective time - Class O1
-the intensity of the emitted light - Class F3

Can be mounted directly to the roof, roof rack bars or railings.


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