Led Beacon Led Spirit, 12/24V

4 lata
Specyfikacja techniczna        
Mocowanie Magnetyczne
(Do 280 km/h)
Stałe jednopunktowe
Wymiar 18 cm x 15 cm
Zasilanie 12-24 V
Ilość diod 16 x 3 W
Kolor LED pomarańczowy / niebieski / czerwony / niebiesko-czerwony
Kolor klosza pomarańczowy / niebieski / czerwony / transparentny
Pobór prądu 12 V - MAX 1,33 A / 24 V - MAX 0,71 A
Gwarancja 4 LATA
Certyfikat E9 R65 TA1, TB1, TR2, TB2; E20 R10, 10G

Product characteristics

  • height: 18cm,
  • diameter: 15cm,
  • Available with magnetic or permanent fixing (4 screws or 1 scre)
  • power to the cigarette or directly to the vehicle installation
  • light source: 16 LEDs
  • Warranty: 48 months!
  • available colors of lenses: blue, amber, transparent (transparent), green, red
  • available LED colors: blue, amber, green, red
  • voltage: 12 / 24V
  • homologations: E9 R65, E20 R10

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Product Description

Led Spirit is a single beacon that allows additional lighting of vehicles while working on the road.

The lamp is available in two types of fixing:

- for a magnet

- permanently
blue version- 1 screw
amber version- 1 screw or 4 screws
red, green version- 4 screws

Light source: 16 LEDs

Dimensions of the lamp

height: 18cm, diameter: 15cm

Available LED colors: amber, blue. red, green

Available colors of lenses: blue, amber, green, red, transparent (transparent)

voltage: 12/24V


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