Grill lights LED REFLECT 2 x 6, 12/24V

Product characteristics

  • length: 10 cm
  • height: 3,7cm
  • voltage: 12/24V
  • Easy assembly (using the included screws)
  • available LED colours: white, blue, amber, green, red   
  •  Set = 2pcs lamps     
  • WARRANTY 48 MONTHS !!    
  • Approval E20 R10, E9 R65

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Product Description

LED REFLECT grill lights are directional warning lamps, being an additional equipment for special vehicles.

The set consists of two lights, each has 6 diodes with a power of 3 Watt each.

The lamps have transparent lenses but they shine in one of the selected colors:
amber, blue, red, white or green

It is possible to synchronize several pieces so that they flash in one selected mode

Dimensions of a single lamp:

10 cm lenght, 3.7 cm high

The set includes mounting screws. It does not contain a switch.

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