Warning Light Optima 90 2P 8ML, CN, 60cm, 12/24V

Product characteristics

  • Only 9 cm high
  • 60 cm length
  • 8 led modules, each 6 pcs od 3W LEDs
  • CN- all blue
  • change flash modes
  • voltage: 12 or 24V
  • homologations: E9 R65 TA1, TB1, TR1; E9 R65 TB2 TR2; E9 R65 TA1/TB1 DUAL COLOR
  • Polish Product!

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Product Description

Lightbar Optima is a product that stands out on the market with its unique design and exceptional durability.

Lamp lenses made of high quality polycarbonate guarantees resistance to impacts and ensures perfect appearance of the lamp for many years.

You can order lamps in almost any length and in different configurations.

The presented model is OPTIMA 90 2P 8ML, 60cm, 12/4V

9 cm high, 60 cm length, 21 cm wide
2P- diodes in two levels
8ML- 8 pcs od led moduls, each 6 pcs od LEDs

CN- all blue.

The lightbar is ideal for fire truck or ambulance.

The set includes all the elements needed to mount the lighting (cables, rubber pads for permanent assembly with screws).

To buy also other sets for fixing the lightbar (magnetic / for railings / to the roof rack)

The lamp can be equipped with additional elements such as: halogen (work lamps), tails, stop lights or a traffic advisor.


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