Siren STBS-150 24V

Product characteristics

  • output power: 150W
  • variable sound tones: 6
  • the ability to control the lights: YES
  • night mode
  • additional horn
  • control for the keypad
  • the ability to transmit voice messages: YES
  • voltage: 24V
  • homologations: E20 R10
  • warranty: 24 months!

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Product Description

The STBS-150 siren is used to generate warning (sound and light) signals in special vehicles. The device has a built-in microphone that allows you to freely give warning voice messages. SIren is intended mainly for special vehicles, fire brigade, police, ambulance, military vehicles. The device is intended for motor vehicles, boats and other motor vehicles.


Dimensions of the amplifier 20x 16x 6.5 cm
Dimensions of the manipulator 15x 6.5x 2.5 cm
24 V power supply
Music power 150W
Current consumption during standby approx. 50 mA
Recommended speaker impedance 6-11 ohms
Number of output channels for lights 5

 The amplifier should be placed inside the vehicle, in a place not exposed to dampness and wetting, and in a place ensuring adequate air circulation, which will ensure correct operation of the device.

The siren works with speakers with impedance: 6-11 Ohm. Speakers not provided with a warning lamp shall be fitted at the front of the vehicle in such a way that the front of the lamp is not covered by any elements of the vehicle structure. Otherwise, the required sound pressure level may be reduced.